The March

Hi everyone Flossie here and I cannot believe that the march is over and how amazing it was, there were so many people there and almost everyone was wearing blue and loads of my friends came and my teacher and some kids in my school and…… WOW, I think I am going to  give myself a heart attack saying all these ‘ands’ anyway let’s get into the blog. P.S You may notice this blog is mostly about the march.

On Saturday I saw some amazing banners made of rubbish and of paper but still great banners, it is nice to know that people, mostly kids had the time to even make these amazing banners. The banner that my Mum and I made was the same one as normal but with a few tweaks to it for example: We put a balloon all the way from England on the banner, some pictures of a fish in a bottle, some fishing line and a plastic spoon. All found on the beach.


I have some new news as you know from last weeks blog I found some kid’s water toys on the beach,  I took them home and used them but what I did not know was that their would be more kid’s water toys every day which is not good because these toys are made from plastic which means if no-one  picks the toys up they will wash right into the sea. This is just a small message, if you come down to the beach with your plastic toys to play with that is fine but please, please bring your toys back with you to make  a ‘Plastic Free Irish Sea’ become a reality and if that does not mean anything to you… keep in mind that toys cost money and leaving them on the beach…. well you might as well just drop your credit card in the sea with all your money!!!

I am so happy about the march and how many people came, I think it was about 350. At the very top of the march most of the kids were my friends and they were holding the banner with me chanting ; ‘PLASTIC FREE IRISH SEA’ over and over again so many times that no-one was able to speak the next day.


Thank you so so much everyone who came and wore blue it was a huge huge help. During the march everyone asked if I was going to do the same thing next year and my answer was ‘I do not know’ but now I do know and I will be doing something next  year but I can not tell anyone what it is until I have confirmed it completely…. until then you all have something to look forward to!


This week I went on two mini beach cleans and I found: a balloon ,a lot of jelly fish, a lot of spoons, fishing line, a lot of beer bottles, a lot of plastic bottles, the most loose pieces of plastic I have ever found, a banana dog’s toy and a baby soother and loads more. Also there were 6 seals in the background singing, they are so funny to watch.


I also found a dead sea bird and I cannot help but think there is a lot of plastic in it’s stomach…

My Mum and Dad got some amazing photos  of the march from behind of people walking and cheering. I had such a great crowed that even the cars stopped to help cheer.


If you came to the march and do not understand why the badges are made out of plastic it’s ok and don’t worry, they are re-usable badges so you can take the picture of  the march for the oceans out and replace it with your own photo!

You guys will never guess who I saw on the beach a couple of days ago….. The Riptide Movement which is a band who wrote the song ‘it all works out’ and they will be performing in the Dalkey Book Festival on Friday night and I am going to join them and they are going to help clean the beach with me then we are doing questions and answers in front of a crowd about plastic and then…. they are doing a concert and I am going, which is really cool.


This weeks story is called ‘The Boat That Did Not Sink’ so lets start the story!

Once upon a time their lived a boy called Max, Max had a dream to travel the seas like his father who drowned at sea but that did not stop Max from wanting to sail the seas. So one day he gathered a group of men and got ready to leave but then his mother just looked into his eyes and said ‘Please son do not sail the seas I have lost your father and I am not ready to lose you!’ So Max did not go and stayed in the little town he lived in and got a job as a plumber for 5 years.

One day when he was fixing a pipe when he saw a man outside screaming about how he hates sailing and that he does not want his boat any more and that who ever wants it can have it!!!! So Max raced down to the harbour to get the boat but some other people were catching up it was almost impossible to get to the boat first but yet he made it, first thing he got on that boat he remembered why he wanted to sail, so he gathered up some men and got sailing straight away. After 5 hours of sailing he was tired and in the middle of no-where then suddenly he crashed into some rocks and his ship started to sink! He thought it was the end….. but what Max did not know was that the sea is filled with plastic and plastic floats so when his crew fell into the water they did not drown and thanks to global warming the water was really warm so they did not have to worry about freezing to death! They paddled all the way to a rescue boat luckily holding onto plastic which just proves how bad plastic really is in the oceans. The end

This weeks video is quiet funny but with a serious message about what will happen if we don’t stop using single use plastic!

I hope you liked this weeks blog and thank you again if you came to the march bbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyeeeeeee

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