The Mermaid Bra!!!!

Hi everyone this week has been quiet busy… I don’t know where to start so lets get started!!!

So we will start on Saturday, now that was a busy day because we as in me and my gang for the day (Anne and her husband, Charlie and Shauna) started off on land were we found some crazy things for example: a bra [Anne who found that called it the mermaid bra], a saw , a pair of knickers, loads of wires [one of the boys [Charlie] was able to get out of the ground which was very amazing so thank you if you are reading this even if I know your not], loads of bottles and tops of cans.                                                                          So a huge thank you to everyone who came on my beach clean!!


Next subject.

My next beach cleaning story that I did on Saturday is actually called a ‘sea clean’! yes I went back out on the boats with the famous Kyron O’Gorman and a new lovely crew. We spent one hour down there and I think we made a huge difference and we found some crazy things like a toy fishing rod [which you would get in a 2euro shop I was actually tempted on keeping it ] beer bottles, lobster pots [and when I say that I mean LOADS] , sweet wrappers, plastic bottles, and loads more but what I am really trying to tell you is that I had loads fun and they are all just such a nice group.


You  will never believe who emailed me this week, it was two schools!  one school called: St Brigids Girls School, Cabinteely asked if I could give a talk in the school and the other school is Sandford National School, Ranelagh, well one of the teachers has said she has her own business and every year she donates money from her business to a good cause, and she has chosen me as the good cause!!! So that is really exciting the teacher’s name is Emma and she makes things and they are very cool so check out  her website: Then even better my old sea scout group want me to come in and talk to the group and then we all go on a beach clean  so I have all these things to look forward to. And this is funny I used to go to one of the schools and all my friends are sill in the school this is going to be so much fun.

I had so much fun on Monday because it was snowing in the mountain’s and my Mummy drove me there so I got to play in the snow and I made a face angel which was fun but cold very cold… If you want to know how you make one all you have to do is make a snow angel except you have to put your face in the snow and smile so your smile goes into the snow. I also made a tiny snow man because we didn’t have enough time to make a big one! I tried to go sledging but we forgot to wax the  bottom of the sledge because it is made out of wood. We left a huge mark in the snow of  something brown!!!! but I had loads of fun.

The video today is about fish and rubbish, it tells you a lot about how soon there will be more rubbish than fish in the ocean. It is very scary to think about. I hope you enjoy it!!!

Some of you have asked me how do I write my blog, do I sit on a bed? Or do  I sit on a chair? Well I really write it with my sweet cat on the computer and that is one of the reasons I love writing my blog .


Bbbbbyyyyeeeee and see you all next time …peace out!!!!

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