The Pirates Adventure For The Lost Chest

Hi everyone Flossie here, hope you are all having an AMAZING week picking up the rubbish and enjoying the sun, well not right now,right now it’s pouring with rain which is really annoying because I was out on a beach clean and just when we were filling up our bags someone looked down on us and said ‘hey no cleaning the beach ‘ and then he shot rain down on us. Well that is what I think happened.  By the way I have some AMAZING news, this time next week the sea bins will be in the harbour and collecting the rubbish and making Ireland’s beaches clean. I can not believe after all that fund raising the sea bins are going to be put in next week ….it is crazy cool and they are the first in Ireland!!! If you are around I would love you to come down… it is on Tuesday 22nd at 12pm – The Old Quay, Coal Harbour, Dun Laoghaire.

This week on the beach we found some cool things like:body spray and a coat hanger


[Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way it is still Christmas so I am still singing this song] can you guys guess what I found ?…. A Christmas hat 


a communion balloon who went to balloon heavan 


A million bear bottles in boxes and in cans 


A railing which was heavy to get out and it was slippy !!!!!!

and loads more 

but my personal favourite was pirate treasure which a pirate must have dropped in the sea!


As you all know on Saturday the 9th of June I am organising a march for Ireland for he ocean and since this is not the biggest country in the world  I want to make this march BIG so it would mean so much to me if you guys could come because this march is so, so important to me. This is our logo for Ireland… hope you like it.


and I have a short video of me telling you about my beach clean and a bit about the march hope you like it

On Saturday I had loads of fun interviewing people about what they think about plastic in the water and the march I am having, I interviewed some people at the beach some in the Forty Foot and some at the church fete in Dalkey where I was also doing some work which was really hard because I was working at the cookie section and I was not aloud to eat any of the cookies! If you want to se my interviews and please support my Facebook page

My Mum and I are really excited because my Mum is doing  The Redbull Fluq Tag which is where you and your team have to build a man made flying machine and then they have to fly off the end of the pier and try to land it is going to be very cool !!!!!

This weeks story is called ‘The Pirates Adventure For The Lost Chest ‘ well lets get started… 

Once upon a time their lived a pirate called Captain Eliot, Captain Eliot was a sad pirate because no matter how hard he tried he could never find any treasure unlike his enemy/brother Captain Garfield who would find treasure just by snapping his fingers!

Sadly Captain Eliot’s crew were too lazy to move their big lazy bums, but on this particular day Captain Eliot and his crew went to the bar to celebrate another year of being a pirate then the waiter told Captain Eliot and his crew: ‘there is a treasure chest called the magic chest which can give you anything you wish for, but to get their you have to go left, then right, then left, then right, then turn and finally you should find a magical mermaid who will help you get to the treasure…but only if you give her grass and flowers.’ So the mighty crew set off to find the mermaid, after hours of searching they finally found the mermaid, her name was Roxy, they gave her grass and flowers only to find that she ate them! but then she gave them a coin which lead the way to the island. When they finally got to the island they saw another boat…. his brothers boat who must be after the treasure too  but this time Captain Eliot would not let Captain Garfield get in his way, so Eliot dropped a coin for his brother to find. This meant Captain Eliot could have a free run to find the treasure before his brother… luckily Captain Eliot was a fast runner  which meant he managed to find the treasure first but it was in a very odd place, it was behind the water fall. With his wish captain Eliot made Roxy fall in love with him and he made the sea plastic free!!!!!

The End

This weeks video is about the marches that are happening all over the world on the same day that we are marching!!

I hope you liked this weeks blog bbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyeeeeeeee

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