The Plastic Boat…

Hi everyone Flossie here sorry I am writing so late today but I am a bit sick so I had a tablet and now I am feeling a bit better so let me see what do we have to talk about oh yes well lets get started!

I went to the secret beach and I found a lobster pot and I was going to go and retrieve it for my rabbit [because she loves chewing threw rope] but I did not take it because we found so much rubbish that we could not manage to take it because the lobster pot was very heavy and also it was attached to rope and and something else but the next day I went to go and grab it and then I realised that it was gone I was really disappointed but then I realised that it was not mine unless I took it first so that was ok.

A couple of days ago I heard about some people made a boat but not a boring boat that we are used to but a plastic boat I am sorry did I say plastic boat I meant a plastic bottle boat made fully out of plastic bottles and it is so cool so I am going to try make tiny bottles boats for bath toys.

So my next thing to talk about is my fund raiser so you all know that I am trying to raise money for a sea bin well I am going to do a raffle and a table quiz and I have another really cool idea but it is going to stay a secret until I have it all prepared!

So what I want to say next is every thing that I have seen this week, we found a Selfie stick, 20000000000000 cat food packets, and a golf ball actually stuck in a rock. I am sorry I didn’t feel really well to do big beach cleans this week.

Well I can not think of what else I have to say so I hope to see you all soon and I just want to say hi to my dad in America bbbyyeee

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