The Plastic Christmas Tree

Hi everyone Flossie, hope you are all having a good week so far, so sorry but I did not do a beach clean this week because I have been too busy and the weather has been terrible! Anyway let’s get on with the blog.

On Tuesday my Mum and I went to 64 Wine Bar where we met a lovely lady from the Irish Times, she wanted to do an interview with me, she was really nice. Then my Mum and I walked home and watched a Christmas movie next to the fire!

Do you all remember last weeks blog where I wrote about the plastic snow in Tiger? Well it looks like Tiger was visited by the 3 ghosts of Plastic!!!!


Today I was trying to make more candles but when I was trying to make them it went a bit wrong and then I had a brilliant idea! I melted the crayons put the melted crayons in a shell wich I put in the freezer for one minute and then I took  the shell out of the freezer and tipped the crayon out of the shell and I had an orignal crayon that was shaped like a shell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but it broke [ should have put it in the freezer for two minutes! I will show some photos next week of how to make shell shaped crayons!

On Friday also know as today I have been put on and named as one of the WOman of 2018 yyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy… is such a big honour and the other woman who are also on the list are so amazing… I would tell you more but instead I am going to show you the article!!!!

On Sunday my family and I went to the People’s Park where my Mum bought some sushi and when she did I immediatley noticed this …


This weeks story is called ‘The Plastic Christmas Tree’

Once upon a time there lived a boy named Eliot, Eliot and his familly would buy a Christmas tree every year but they would buy a new plastic Christmas tree every year!

Then every year after Christmas Eliots Dad would dispose of the Christmas tree by putting it in the sea and when Eliot would ask why his father why he did this, his father told him that he only thinks it’s fair to give the fish a Christmas tree for next year!

A year later two weeks before Christmas, Eliot was visited by a fish. This fish told Eliot to come with him for he was the ghost of Christmas past! Then when Eliot opend his eyes he was whizzed back to when his father first took him to get rid of the Christmas tree… Eliot was not happy about it at all but his father was strict. The fish of Christmas Past stared at Eliot and asked if this is what he wanted to do then in a simple voice Eliot said…………………………………… YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then when Eliot opended his eyes again he was back in his room and decided it was a dream! He went back to bed until he was woken up by the fish of Christmas Present. Eliot opend his eyes took a deep breath in and said 


Then the fish of Christmas Present took him under the sea were he saw loads of animals choking on plastic! The fish explained that this is what was happening when his father puts the plastic Christmas tree in the sea, then he explained that this one young fish called ‘Tiny Fish’ had broken fin and was dying from all the plastic! Eliot told the fish that he was only half way convinced to change his family’s ways! Then…. he woke up in his room again.

Just when he was relaxing into a deep sleep again, he got interrupted for the 3rd time…it was another fish, but this one was more dark and scary and he did not talk! Eliote followed the fish into the future where he saw that everyone was misereble and there was plastic everywere and people were actually choking to death because of all the plastic and pollution!!!!!!! Eliot screamed


He woke up suddenly, ran down stairs and asked everyone what day it was then when he heard it was two weeks until Christmas he realised he still had time to change his ways!!!!! So he got a real Christmas and eco-friendly wrapping paper and he did everything he could do until Christmas day to spread the word about plastic pollution…

The End

Have you ever seen a fish that really needs to go to the dentist well here it is


This week’s video my uncle sent to me and it is OUTRAGEOUS because this man is destroying our beautiful world…

Hope you liked this weeks blog bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeee

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