The Plastic Triangle

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Hi everyone Flossie here hope you’re all having a great week so far. Starting today I am going to start writing my blog once every 2 weeks now because since I have started secondary school I just don’t have enough time to write it every week I hope you all understand! Now lets get on with this blog!

Last Friday I woke up at stupid o’clock in the morning because I was doing a talk for a charity called ‘Vita’, it went really well I was doing the talk in Dublin City council buildings in town and it was so cool and BIG!!!!! The talk was great because I got to talk about Indonesia and the plastic river, talking about it really brought back so many memories! I got to talk about all the amazing people I met in Indonesia! And I got to tell everyone that today I was going to be striking because!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It was finally the 20th and I was sooooooooo Excited!!!!!!!!!!!

They were saying that it was going to be the biggest strike yet in Dublin but sadly that was a bit of an exaggeration but the strike was still super fun ! My Mum and I picked my two friends from school up and then we went down to the strike!


Here are some videos I made to get people excited the week before the strike…

After the strike in town we went down to the strike in Dun Laoghaire which was really incredible there was around 800 people there it was so amazing and very funny!

Then the next day my Mum my Dad two helpers and I went on a ‘cigarette butt clean up’ which was so fun and we found 843 cigarette butts in am hour…amazing and disgusting !


Then I went to do another quick talk in town for a festival! I am not going to lie I didn’t have much of an audience at all but it was still fun!


And my Mum went on a beach clean with some TY students who are going to be helping out with the workshops my Mum is going to be doing for shools about plastic pollution which I am super excited about! On that note

Good luck Mum super proud of you!!!!


This weeks story is called ‘Escape To The Plastic Triangle’ hope you like it

Once upon a time there lived a boy called Rob, Rob was like any normal boy: go to school watch tv, but the only difference was that Rob’s Dad was a scientist and he based most of his life focusing on the sea! Rob’s Dad was called Constipate Hoso [I know an unfortunate name] Constipate always promised Rob that he would bring him on a sailing trip around the world but sadly with all his science work he never had the time! One day whilst Constipate was doing a talk and showing a very complicated sum proving his facts to a bunch of mathematicians he sadly forgot to carry the 8 in his sum so his fact was all wrong and all the mathematicians were very annoyed by that so they chased him out with rulers in one hand and sharp pencils in the other, they ended up just throwing their rubbers at Constipate!!!!

Constipate didn’t feel great so he decided to pick his son Rob up from school and finally bring him on that amazing round the world trip he promised him [and to get out of the country until they forget about his silly mistake!] So they set off by boat. After many weeks at sea they made it to Australia which was amazing Rob got to learn about sharks and kangaroos! It was awesome but then sadly they had to return to the boat again.

Rob packed away all of the post cards he bought in Australia that he wanted to send to his friends at home! Once they were back sailing in the ocean they noticed some funny clouds ahead that they could not miss, They sailed into a massive storm Rob was so scared because he thought he was going to die!!!! That’s all Rob could remember because then when he woke up it was sunny and calm. Rob was very weak and weady but then slowly said

‘Am I in heaven? If so I expect ths place to look a bit nicer’

Then he heared a voice saying

‘No you’re not dead’

‘Who said that?’

Your father who do you think’

Constipate said sarcastically!! Rob was very scared but Constipate wasn’t because he wanted to look cool in front of his son! Rob asked where they were but Constipate couldn’t give a proper answer because he didn’t know! Then the wost thing happend a growling noise came from Rob’s tummy

‘Dad I am hungry’

That was the one thing Constpate was dreading because they were in uncharted waters… there could be sharks anywhere but Constipate got over it and dove into the water to get Rob a fish, but there was hardly anything in there, then he found a small fish so he caught it with a spear and brought it back up and they ate it raw! As they were eating Rob noticed that there were some blue things inside the fish, he showed his Dad and Constipate looked closer to discover it was plastic and then he looked around him and realised that there was loads of rubbish and plastic bottles in a triangle shape around them!!!!! Then Constipate said

‘This is absolutly BRILLIANT’

Rob looked so confused, isn’t it bad that they were being surrounded by rubbish But then Constipated said

‘I mean no, this is really bad but I think I have discovered the Bermuda Triangle’

‘You mean ‘we’… right Dad?’

‘Oh yes, WE!’

Constipate shook his head and agreed! Then they saw a skeleton body floating in the water with BEWARE written on it! Now they were very scared until they reliased it was a Halloween decoration and that it was actually plastic! Then it hit him [no not an idea but a massive load of bird poo!!!] Then it really did hit him and I mean an idea !Constipate had a great idea so he grabbed 7 bottles from the sea and grabbed the Australien post cards that some how did not get damaged in the storm and used the bird poo to right on them

                                                  16TH SEPTEMBER 2013

Need help, me and son are stuck at sea in the bermuda triangle 
Which I have descovered me Constipated Hoso!
Please send help we are also surrounded by plastic
and gassy birds.SEND HELP!!!!!!!P.S Wash your hands after reading this we rote it with bird poo!

he wrote that 7 times and put the notes in 7 plastic bottles then threw them into the sea! 2 Days later one of the bottles showed up in France…it was read and immediate action wad taken. One also landed in Australia, England and Iceland the others were not found! All the countries took action immediately and they were saved!

When they got home they spoke about their trip to The Bermuda Triangle [wherever that was] and how much plastic existed there even in the fish’s stomachs and how all countries needed to work together so that they could clean the Bermuda Triangle of its rubbish.

Constipate continued being a brilliant scientist everyone forgot about his mistake and Rob was just happy to go back to school!!!

The End

This week’s video is about how much rubbish is at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea, it’s in french but the i think you will still be able to understand that’s it’s not great!!

Hope you liked this weeks blog see you soon bbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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