The Rubbish Orchestra!

Hi everyone Flossie here, hope you are all having an amazing week so far thinking about plastic and recycling! This weeks blog is being written in England again! To day I am very excited because I am getting my braces done and I can not wait! it’s going to be awesome. Anyway lets just jump right into the blog!

On Sunday I went on a beach clean and we had loads of great helpers! We didn’t find many big things on the beach clean but we did find A LOT very small plastic going down to micro plastic!

On the beach clean we found: A plastic cup which we managed to fill up with tiny pieces of plastic,


loads more!


On Saturday I went to my new secondary school to do some tests and look around, it was so fun and cool! When I arrived they put me into a group of children and then for two hours we just worked on computers which was surprisingly trying, and then they gave us a tour around the school! After that we went to our next class where we  got to socialise with all the other kids! They were all really nice and I can’t wait for September! When that was done we all went to the gym where we played some fun games which were tricky and funny! I was so tired by the end of the day!

This weeks story is called ‘ The Fish Who Sold Plastic’

Once upon a time under the sea King Plastik Plastic declared a new law unto the sea [Anyone who sold plastic or was caught with plastic would spend eternity in his dungeon of doom!!!!!!!]

Everyone respected this law except for one fish who didn’t understand the law and thought that plastic was great! One day this bad fish was swimming around the sea when all of a sudden he saw one big plastic bottle! He couldn’t believe his eyes King Plastik Plastic kept his waters clean! At first he decided to just swim away from it, but as he swam he started to remember that his mum needed kelp medicine to cure her under water asthma! So he swam back to it because he needed the money for his Mum!

So what he did was he used his teeth to bite threw the plastic to turn it into micro plastic and then he sold it to blind clueless fish! With the money he managed to by his Mum so much kelp medicine and more! The next day King Plastik Plastic was taking a swim around town when he started to notice that there was micro plastic in his sea!!!! He screamed 


The guards all started shaking with fear and said 

We don’t know your Highness

Then he said


So the guards searched everyone’s house until they found pots of pieces of plastic in the bad fishes house!!!! They picked him up and then they brought him to King Plastik Plastik. 

How dare you bring plastic into my sea!

Then the fish said

If you let me go I will give you some plastic!


Now King Plastik Pastik was really annoyed and sent him to his dungeon of doom!!!!! Then one of the guards explained to King Plastik Plastic that he did it for his Mum. All of a sudden King Plastik Plastic felt bad for him and let him out but first he explained why you need plastic free water and what it was doing to all the fish! Now the fish felt bad , but happy to be out! So from that day forward he never sold plastic again.

King Plastik Plastik was very kind and gave his Mum a job in his palace…

The End

I found this weeks video when I was just typing up random things on the internet! What these kids do is incredible I really hope you like this video…

Wasn’t the video amazing!!  who knew there was an orchestra who had  instruments made of rubbish, totally awesome!

Hope you liked this weeks blog bbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyeeeeeee!!!!!!

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