The School Strike!!

Hi everyone Flossie here hope you are all having a good week so far. I bet you are all very excited to hear about how the school strike went! So that’s why this week we will start with that! 

On Friday my school and me and many other schools in Ireland striked for climate change and It was so, so, so, so AWESOME!!!!!! In my school we striked and we also had music and a smoothie maker all powered by bikes! It was so much fun and everyone had such a good time! We had loads of banners and we all chanted and got the cars that would drive by to beep their horns! It was a bit stressful at first because we were being live streamed on BBC 2 into The Vicotria Derbyshire, at the last minute it all worked out!! and when it was all over it was so much fun (but it was all a bit surreal!)


After all that we went to Explorium were I went wall climbing and it was really cool I did the leap of faith and I climbed a beanstalk! A leap of faith is where you climb a big wall and then when your up there you have to jump as far as you can to try to grab onto a another ball and then you let go!!!!!!! It’s terrifying but really fun at the same time! As ever Explorium is awesome!


My Mum, my friends and I all went to the Climate Change protest on Friday and then we all went on a beach clean and both of them were really good! at the rally we had to sing its raining heat which was embarrassing and fun, we chanted and rallied for an hour it was so much fun and I will be striking every Friday from now on!


This week I was on holiday in England with my family and it was really fun,


This weeks story is called ‘A Plastic Treat!’

Once upon a time a long, long time ago there lived a young man whose dream was to create a sweet so delicious it would make everyone so so happy, but he couldn’t make it which made him very depressed. One day he decided he would never manage to create a delicious sweet so he should just give up and follow in his fathers foot steps and become a…….. ………………………………………………………………………………………..Scientist [ In this story that is a very bad job!] He was sitting on the beach trying to see if there was any way he could create a new sweet instead of having to become …………………….. a scientist! But then all of a sudden he noticed a plastic bottle on the beach and he didn’t understand what it was so he picked it up because he was curious. He thought to himself ‘why would this be here?’ but then he thought it might be fate! maybe this weird thing on the beach could help him make a treat so when he got home he dipped it in chocolate and put sprinkles on it to see what it would taste like, he tried it and said!

This thing, this thing, this thing………………………………………..

Is delicious!!!!!!!!!!

The next day he sold them outside his house, but nobody wanted them! Until he did what he should have done in the first place , he screamed! 

the first 20 people get free sweets and there new!

In seconds he had a long queue of customers, they ate the  plastic bottle sweets and they all thought they were delicious! But would they really think that if they knew they were eating plastic from the beach! In seconds he became a billionaire and everyone loved him. But soon after everyone who ate the sweets got very sick and they all blamed the poor man because he made them, so he donated all the money he made to charity and he put all the plastic sweets into our water systems but what he didn’t realise was that he now made all of the water systems full of plastic!

Sooner or later he managed to create a new and even better sweet called candy floss. So it really worked out for the man but unfortunately it didn’t for everyone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The End

This weeks video is about a 2 INCREDIBLE  divers who saved a humpback whales life, it really show how brave these 2 divers were and the mother and baby whale got to be free…and it shows yet again fishing nets are not good to our marine life!!!!

Hope you liked this weeks blog bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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