The Sea Bike!

Hi everyone Flossie here and I have some really exciting news!!!!! I HAVE BEEN WRITING  MY BLOG FOR A YEAR NOW!!!!!!!!  Any way let’s get on with the blog. 

This week my Mum and I have been making more shopping bags out of fishing net and my Mum had a brilliant idea of making vegetable bags and I had an idea of making a hammock, so we made  the vegetable bags which are strong then we tried to make a hammock and it worked perfectly because fishing net is strong! which means I could get in it  and my Mum and my Dad can get in it as well….it has to be strongof my Dad can get in it!!


I also did my experiment of putting two bins down at the beach to see if people would re-cycle their rubbish instead of throwing it all in one bin.

One of them had a picture of plastic, cans, terta-paks, and paper and the other bin had a picture of general waste.


On This weeks beach clean we found nothing too exciting just the usual; a box that your meant to put seafood or something inside, loads of clothes that we found on the beach, loads of micro plastic, the bottom of a cone you put in the middle of the streets, plastic bottles and cans and I don’t know maybe a BIKE!!!!!!!!!!! YES YOU HEARD ME RIGHT [or read me right] BUT YES A BIKE THAT HAS BEEN FLOATING AROUND IN THE SEA FOR YEARS. My Mum saw the bike when she was on a run, so we came down together and tried to get the bike out but it was too heavy.

so on the beach clean which was the next day we had Paul come back and help us (this is Paul’s third beach clean with us) so my Dad and him ran like children to see who could get it first. They brought it up and it was so cool, it was quite broken and quite rusty. After we found the bike we found an orange box made of plastic so my Dad crawled across the rocks to try to get it but it was too hard, he had to get his feet very wet to eventually get it and when he did he got a huge round of applause because when he was trying to get it loads of people started to whach him, so my Dad is very courageous! 

.On the beach clean I brought my beach cleaning bag down and it worked perfectly [ for the big objects] luckily I found a long sock on the beach so I filled that up with loads of micro plastic. Thank you so much for coming on the beach clean Paul.



Once upon a time in Rubbish Vill which was named after the beach which is covered in rubbish a little girl was walking along the beach with her father ‘Captain Beach Clean’ but then out of the blue the girl was kidnapped by evil Dr Rubbish. He grabbed her and dragged her down under all the rubbish where no-one could hear her scream.

First Dr Rubbish explained his plan to her which was to turn humans into pieces of rubbish so he strapped her up to the machine but as he turned it on she turned into nothing… Dr Rubbish checked what was going on and then he realised that nuclear power is useless this far under plastic so he quickly put up some solar panels and turned the machine on…….. but still nothing then Dr Rubbish realised that the sun was covering with clouds so instead he put up the wind turbines but it took a long time… whilst he was doing that she  was screaming but no one could hear her except for her father Captain Beach Clean who was going to stop at nothing to save her but he did not know where under all this plastic she could be so he got out his super bag which he uses to beach clean and his magical liter picker. He cleaned every patch except for one, he finally looked under there and saw his daughter and rescued her immediately. They flew away and when Dr Rubbish returned he was very angry that his lair was ruined and his victim had escaped…. so he screamed ‘you have not seen the last of Dr Rubbish one day I will take over the world, not today and not tomorrow …because I have to do yoga… but one day!!

The End

I  would just like to let you all know that I am going up for 2 Pakman awards so I am quite excited, I am also excited because my granny is comming over today!!!!!!!!!!

This weeks video is about 2 lovely Sea Dragons that dance and are in love!!!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog BBBBBBBBBBYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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