Hi everyone Flossie here and guess what….. The sea bins are here they are in the harbour working really well and collecting loads of rubbish!!!! Woah woah woah let me start from the beginning.

A couple of weeks ago I got the news that the sea bins were in Ireland but they were in the countryside being tested to make sure that they were working I asked for a picture of them but instead they sent me picture of the box they were in.


I couldn’t believe that when I saw the sea bin in the water for the first time it had already collected a lot of rubbish like ; a plastic bottle, bubble wrap,  a plastic coffee top, more lose plastic, and a lot of bits of crab. 


When we got back home we went for lunch in one of my favourite seafood restaurants where I ordered nothing but crab claws! after that we visited ‘Cool Planet Experience’ which was so cool and so fun, I think it should be on top of every school trip list because it is really inspiring  and really teaches children on how to make a difference to the world, but their was one thing which really made me scared apparently climate change is making the earth too hot and cocoa trees can’t survive in these conditions and no cocoa trees, no chocolate, no chocolate, no Flossie!!!!!

I got a really cool bracelet which tells me how eco friendly my family is… it is so cool !!


My family and I all had to play games and either work together or just do it for fun but my Dad turned everything into a competition which made it very funny! 


As you all know my Mum and some of her friends were doing Red Bull Flugtag last Sunday. It was really fun to watch and my Mums team really rocked it they were first on stage and I think they were the best but probably because she is my Mum. They made an amazing flying machine which was meant to be a pair of mens pants…! 

I had a couple of radio interviews this week about the Seabin,  I had one yesterday and I had two today, one of them was live and tomorrow I am going to be on TV.

Today I went on a quick beach clean where I found a bottle, a can, a mans flip flop,a rope a spoon and a towel 

As a quick reminder march for the ocean is at 2 30pm in Dun Laoghaire meeting point: The Royal Marine Hotel and the march will end at the sea bins on Saturday 9th of June please, please come…we want to show the rest of the world we care about plastic in our seas. There is a Facebook page, it is called ‘March For The Oceans Dublin Saturday 9th June’ and everyone has to wear blue on the day!!



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