The Second One is in!

Hi everyone Flossie here, hope you are having a nice week so far. I am really excited because to-night I am going to the Pakman awards where I might win or not  but it will still be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Now let’s get on with the blog.

Now I have some GREAT NEWS !!!!!!!!The second Seabin is finally going in, it will be going into the National Yacht Club in Dun Laoghaire. Me, my Mum and my friend Anna went to go pick up the Seabin because I wanted to be with the Seabin when we dropped it off but the only problem with that was that the Seabin is really heavy so I was not able to put it in the car but my friend and I still got to go in the lorry that was carrying the Seabin and brought it to the yacht club, which was so fun!


I did alot of hand shaking and then handed the Seabin over to the National Yacht Club, which will be the first yacht club in Ireland to have a Seabin…I am really happy for them!


I have a busy two days ahead of me, tonight the awards tomorrow morning the Ted Talk Hope I am still awake for all this!

Today I was in school for 3 hours and then I went to the amazing opening of Barnardo charity shop in Dalkey here they take clothes others don’t want and with the money they raise they help people who are having problems in the area but best of all they are re-cycling clothes so it does not go to land-fill, they also save 320 tons of clothes a year from going to landfill!!!! They are really amazing and at the end they gave me a beautiful painting that some lovely children made for me of a cool tree it was fun!

This week I have an amazing link too show you and it is truly awesome, this cool guy in England has designed a bin strap to stop out rubbish flying out of the bins and ending up in the sea or on the streets. It’s a simple brilliant idea>

Other Amazing news is my Mum told me that the EU are passing a law to ban single use plastic by 2021….here’s an article about it!!!

Today my mum and I went on a beach clean where we found:

a sign so old it was falling apart,


One of those things that people use to wash plates,


a huge railing and loads more


I’m really sorry but I don’t have time to do a story this week because I have to get ready for the awards, I promise to do a big one next week!

This week’s video is about the most amazing green school in the world.

I really hope you liked the school!

Thanks so much for reading my blog this week Byeeeeeeeeeee

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