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Hi everyone Flossie here, I hope everyone is having a good week so far and that everyone has been picking up the rubbish as they have been walking on the beach, and enjoying the days we have had sun!!! for example: this morning I woke up with the sun in my room but right now as I write my blog  it is a grey sky and it looks like it is going to rain, but you know what they say ‘never judge a book by it’s cover however, in this case its [don’t judge the weather by the way it looks!!!] Anyway let’s crack on with my blog ok, ready? and here we go!!

A couple of days ago my Dad found something so so cool in the sea when she was going for her morning swim. Wait for it, wait for it….. a CHOCOLATE WRAPPER !!!! Which does not sound cool yet but it is because it has been in the sea for 1 and a half years and no- one has bothered too pick it up !!!!!!! 1 and a half years… that is such a long time to be in the sea and poisoning it.

On Saturday I was with my scout group and we were staying in a hostel in Wicklow for the night. We went on a 14 KM hike which was 4 hours long so we are all still wrecked!!! I mean who makes kids walk for that long, who??!! Our scout leader thats who!

When I was having all my fun in Wicklow my Mum went on a run which ended up being a beach clean were she found: A shoe [which was really fancy] a workman’s mask, a glass bottle, a water bottle, a giant massive plastic pipe and a tiny plastic cup which is as ever really bad.

When are they going to bring in edible plastic?  I want them to for two reasons, reason 1: because it will mean that there will be less plastic in the world, reason two I am dying to try it!

A couple of days ago my Aunt and Cousin found something I am a bit scared of on the beach…. A baby shark which was dead on the beach!! and if that does not shock you enough my Aunt and Cousin live in England in a place where there are no sharks. I do not know what type of shark it is because I do not know too much about sharks, but that is still crazy!! There is one thing I would want to know… how did the baby shark die? Was it because of plastic I wonder or was it because of natural courses. I hope I find out soon.. 


As you all know I was with the sea scouts for the night on Saturday and we went on another hike after our first long and awful hike! When we finally got back to the hostel at midnight we stayed up having fun until 2 o clock in the morning until they fianlly told us to go to bed, but we all were talking until 3 o clock and then we gave in and fell asleep!

We were woken up by a whistle at 7 o clock in the morning!!! After my night with the sea scouts I had to go to my speed boat lessons where I pretty much fell asleep but here is a video of me driving .

I have some very exciting news for you all, it is …… I am having a march against plastic soon, it is because I have been asked to do this march by ‘March For The Ocean’ group, there website is:

So on the 9th of June loads of countries around the world are having a march for plastic and I have been asked to lead it from Dun Laoghaire to where one of the seabins are going to be put, but the time has not been decided yet so I will let you know as soon as I know. On that note this weekend is the next beach clean I hope you can make it. The meeting point is at the top of the East Pier at midday…I need a lot of helpers please!!!

This weeks story is called: THE SHARK’S FUNERAL 

Once upon a time there lived a shark called Connor, Connor was a very selfish shark even though he was only a baby! For example he would steal everyone’s fish and he would never share any of his food he was awful!!!! One day when he was swimming away from his Mummy he found a bit of fishing rod left by some stupid fishing men, he decided to eat it…. and unfortunately nearly died, but luckily he was saved by the same whale doctor that saved Gloria the whale from my last story, and once again the whale doctor had to explain to yet another patient that it is not good to eat rubbish. Luckily as young as Connor was he understood and he also understood once his parents explained to him that it is not nice to be a greedy guts! The End

This weeks video is from my lovely dyslexia teacher Jean McCool, I used to go to her every week! She sent this to me and it is crazy cool take a look!!

Thanks Jean and I hope you all enjoyed that video. 

If you remember last week I said I have some exciting news about the Seabins which you will never believe.. the Seabins are here!!!! They are being put together as we speak. I hope to have photo of them soon. 

I am looking forward to them going into the sea, I will have another anouncementabout them in the next 2 weeks… this space!!!

Please don’t forget my beach clean on Saturday at midday…I need your help!!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog bbbbbbbbyyyyyeee

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