Hi everyone Flossie here, I hope you all had a lovely weekend with the sun. Right lets get to it or else we will be talking about the hot sun all day!

On Saturday I had a beach clean which was a success we filed 3 bags up to the top and we found some of the coolest things ever, the only problem about the beach clean was that it was boiling hot but that problem was solved because my feet fell in the water twice!! Back to what I found, I found : a Tiffany or Chanel or even Penney’s silk scarf which was really fancy schmancy!


A cassette tape whatever that is I still do not know but I think it has something to do with playing music in the old days, which makes me wonder HOW LONG has it been floating in the sea!!!


My Dad was put in prison by rubbish!!!


My Mum was on a run a couple of days ago and she saw some girls picking up rubbish in the sea which hopefully means that the word I am trying to spread to kids I really getting out there! 

I have some very exciting news Flossie And The Beach Cleaners has a logo now designed by my Uncle Phil and my Aunty Lelia so my idea for a logo would have been fish or turtles but instead they did a crab because it has a story behind it so grab some popcorn because I am going to tell you all a story!!!

Once upon a time, 2 year old Flossie went crabbing on the beach with her Mum… this is before she lived by the beach, this is back when she knew little about the the sea but as she grew she became more aware of the situation and then when she would go crabbing she would end up picking up the rubbish. and that is the story behind this logo I hope you like it 


The sea bins have finally arrived and here is the picture I got of them when they  arrived because I really wanted a picture of them I should have been a bit more precise because they sent me a picture of the box’s they were in then a couple of days later they showed me another picture of them when they are actually built and it is really cool because very soon they they will be only up the road from me doing their job.


I am so so excited because I have been asked to organise a march for Ireland which is happening all over the world on the same day – June 9th and I am going to try to make it super big and I’m going to try to get lots of celebrities there so that Ireland’s march will be as bog as London and Washington and all the other places…  but I need as many people as possible to be there so please come and support the fight against plastic on June 9th and join The March 4O! Here is the website so that you can read more about it!

This weeks story is called: The Flaming Seaweed… lets go!

Once upon a time their lived a crab called Joshua, Joshua  wanted to be the next big thing like his father Phil was in 1987, that was the year Phil picked up a bottle that was rubbish on the beach…(just like the crab in the picture)


Joshua tried many things to be the next big thing but nothing worked and after a while everyone started to lose hope in Joshua and would say things like ‘are you ever going to be a eco-warrior like your father?’ soon enough the only person who believed in him was his mother Lelia. Poor Joshua was out of ideas to be the next big thing, and over the years he became more and more frustrated.. his father picked up one bottle whilst Joshua has been creating time machines and stuff like that… and then it hit him … crabs are stupid and he has been trying too hard. So the way he could make the next big thing was by doing something silly. He decided was going to work even harder to think of something silly but as usual he could not impress them. He then decided to give up and carry on with his time machine project, then one day when he was out looking for food in the rock pools…… he walked on some really smoking seaweed!!! he realised he had done it, he had found the next big thing…smoking seaweed, which is so hot it could kill someone!!! All the crabs hailed him a hero for finding something so cool! Then a couple of days later a girl was cleaning the beach and she found the smoking seaweed and also thought it was really cool!!!!

The End

This weeks video is really nice and happy I hope you enjoy it 

I hope you liked this weeks blog bbbbbyyyyyyeeeee 

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