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Hi guys Flossie here and yesterday we found a good couple of things like cans and a jelly holder and a  sheet of polystyrene which can really poison the sea and a huge wooden thing that I used as a seesaw before we carried it up the hill [it was so heavy!]

Anyway I should probably tell you about what happened on the grand beach clean up that was going on  all around Ireland.


The weather was a bit rainy and grey but we all got over it. We found a good couple of things like I found some pink ear phones, something that I would not like to say that woman use, A tyre and loads more.  The people were really nice and really friendly.

Also there was some really cool divers there who my Mummy was talking to who apparently clean the ocean too whilst they are diving, aren’t they so cool!!!


A couple of days ago my Uncle sent me a horrible video of the plastic whale which broke my heart because people were not respecting the sea and now a whale has died. So I am going to show you the video but it is so SAD.

I also heard about a group of people who are so cool because they teach kids in loads of countries about littering the sea. By the way next time you go down to the beach just in case always bring a bag. Hope to see you all on one of my beach clean ups, bye and thanks for listening, see you next week… bye Xxxxxx

PS here is some more sad sea life  facts

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