The Table Quiz!!

Hello  everyone Flossie here! and we have so much to talk about today. Now we will start with something small it makes me very sad because someone put graffiti and it was awful I was so sad, so me and my Mummy are going to ask the counsel for a graffiti remover because it is just awful don’t you think so?


Ok so our next subject is about the Sea Bin so I found a way to raise the money for  a Sea Bin. I am having a table quiz in Fitzgeralds Pub in Sandycove it is on the 30th of November and I have the questions all ready I am so excited I really hope you all can make it because it will be so much fun and all of you can order a drink it will be so funny and if you have been reading my blogs carefully you will know the last anwser so I wish you all good luck and also there are loads of prizes to be won [ NO PHONES ARE ALOUD] but you are aloud to cheat in any other way… oh can you still here me oh no!!


Yay we’re on yellow that is my favorite colour. OK let’s make this a bit darker ok that is a lot better. Where were we Oh YES SO (thats a bit to big that writing) ok  when I was on my beach clean we had a lovely woman who helped us  and we found the craziest things ever  MORE CAT FOOD PACKETS BUT IT WAS ANOTHER BRAND and some boring other things like 2 pairs of rusted pliers, some rotten knickers [it looks like they belonged to a girl well I would not like to see how they came off don’t tell any one I said that ssssssshhhhhhhhh] 1000000000000000 tops of a cans,[ once you find one they are every where] loads of rotten bits of rusty boat which are poisoning the sea , a firework, and you won’t believe this not one but a pair of socks and they were the same pair the same pair can you believe it I know I can’t, We filled 3 bags on that day. Oh yes and Fad who joined us was really strong and freed the christmas lights that were stuck there forever!

Nnooooo we are on green take me back to yellow!!! ok so guess what happened yesterday? me and my Mummy saved a baby seal it was so cute well we actually dropped it into the sea but that is a good thing because it was perfectly healthy it just wanted attention like most people and it was learning to live without its Mummy. See my Mummy is a volunteer for the seal sanctuary so she gets call outs to rescue baby seals but this is the first time I got to go with her and it was so, so, so fun 

I am going to go down to the West Pier in Dun Laoghaire because everyone on face book is arguing about the rubbish down there because it is so dirty you have no idea. A man has offered for me to borrow his kayaks to do the cleaning on them so thank you very much, I am really looking forward to using a kayak to clean the sea!


So our video today is called the plastic sea it so terrible as you will see!!

Now I just want to say hBelle !!!!!

see you all next time bbbbyyyyeeee!

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