The Underwater Flowers…

Hi everyone Flossie here hope everyone is having a good week and getting ready for the summer holidays where we can relax in the sun but sadly see the awful rubbish in the sea killing our sea creatures and our planet slowly unless we do something about it!!! Any way lets just jump into this weeks blog.

I have some pretty exciting news, so you know the cool t-shirts that I have made well they are in blue now and the first 50 people to write on the Facebook page that they are bringing ten people to the march will get a free t-shirt but they have to bring ten people and don’t worry if you can’t because I will be handing lots of free badges out on the day of the march. Also make sure you wear blue on Saturday represent how you feel about our sea being polluted by plastic and other rubbish.

This march is really important to me and it is meant to be for the whole of Ireland so if you are from another part of Ireland which is quite far away it would be nice if you could drive over but if you can’t that’s fine.

Around Dalkey, Sandycove and Dun Laoghaire yesterday my Mum and I put some flyers up around town and we also gave a couple of local businesses some badges as well, which we will also be handing out in some local schools too. Anyway we told all the companies that anyone who takes a badge has to come to the march wearing the badge, like they are in a club! Some more exciting news, once we have finished the march there is going to be a band that will play some music after the march just for a bit of fun so after marching we can party hard but please remember… PLEASE WEAR BLUE !!!!.

On Monday I had a beach clean and it went great, I had a really good amount of people who showed up


one of the number one things we found the most of was fishing net and fishing line.


a bit of a snorkel and of course more clothing 


A couple of days ago my Mum went down on the beach and found a really cool toy shark water gun and lots of other plastic toys like buckets and spades. Somehow kids just forget their beach toys and then the tide comes in and the toys get washed out to sea. It happens every nigh at the moment because of the warm weather.

This weeks story is going to be about the under water flowers and I am going to call it ‘The Under Water Flowers’ well here we go…

Once  upon a time in the bottom of the deep blue sea there were some beautiful under water flowers, all the under water flowers had some pretty colours like; yellow, blue, pink and green. Until one day a little fish was swimming around and he noticed something different about the pink …. it was loosing its colour it was fading until it was just a dead flower and the the same thing happend to all the other flowers so the fish decided to tell the king of the sea King Plastik Plastik. King Plastik Plastik was heart broken to hear that his beautiful water flowers were dead so King Plastik Plastik decided to investigate the dead flowers and then he saw something shiny in the dead flowers he got closer to work out what it was then he realised that it was plastic at first he wondered how it got down here then he saw some people on the beach just throwing their plastic in the sea so he quickly talked to his assistant manager to get a gardener to remove all the plastic from the sea and from the plants then he planted more flowers and finally he made a sign and put it on the beach saying ‘do not put your plastic in the sea please’ but then he swam down to the sea and saw……… all his pretty flowers have grown back  and they looked better then ever and they have put coluor back into the sea they were all; yellow, blue, pink and green and seeing how pretty the flowers were again the king decided from now on he would make sure that there is no more rubbish in the sea ….ever . The End

Here is this week’s video, short but sweet and a great idea from Sky Ocean Rescue


Hope you liked this weeks blog please remember the march on Saturday and please, please come bbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyeeeeeeee 

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