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Hello every one Flossie here and I would like to talk to you about what happened this week well first thing first my apologies for not writing the same time as usual see I was excepting a reward which I will talk about right now see yesterday I was called by the Dun Laoghaire Lions club who are absolutely amazing and they gave me a reward for cleaning the beach and they are just so so nice I sat through there meeting it was very interesting and I made a small speech which was really fun and I got to call out who won the bottles of wine in the group for their raffle… it was number 4 and 6.


Our next subject to talk about  is the Hurricane 


So the the day after the Hurricane I went on a beach clean because I thought that the beach would be destroyed and loads of things would have washed up there were a good few things washed up … we found nothing but empty cat food packets (23 exactly) and it was just every where and there was so much strange rubbish like 3 golf balls an entire wardrobe of clothes and loads of electric wire still alive and some christmas lights  also a lobster pot with lots of rope attached and a big angry fishes head!! there was  so much rubbish that  we made a pile of rubbish because there was no possible way to carry all that rubbish  on our own so we are going to talk to some people to help us,


I am going to try raise money to by a sea bin which most of you might have already heard about this sea bin but if you havn’t already heard about it I will explain what it is so it is really a bin that you put in the sea and it attracts rubbish because of its pump and all the water that goes in goes right back out immediately and it is made of re-cycled plastic it is so cool so that is why I am going to try raise money to buy it we are thinking about doing a table quiz but if you want to help you can donate. We have to raise 3000 euros……..WOWWWWWW!!!!!

We really want it to be the first sea bin in Ireland well I think that is all for today hope you liked it byeee

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