The Whales Tale!

Hi everyone Flossie  here, hope you all had a lovely holiday so far I know I have and what makes this holiday even better is that since I got back from holidays I have not had to do any nightly beach cleans during the week because the beaches are so clean. I think it is because the council are coming more times during the da and the weather hasn’t been great! It’s funny before I went on holiday there was loads of rubbish on the beach but now their is hardly anything which is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

A couple of weeks ago before I went on holiday the lovely B.I.M people gave me some fisherman’s net found in the sea, so my Mum and I decided to try and make beach cleaning bags that we can re-use, because one thing I never enjoy after a beach clean is putting all the rubbish in the bin including the bag so I decided to make a beach cleaning bag out of fishing net, and you can also use them for shopping because after using it on a beach clean we realised how strong the bag is! So first we tested it out  by putting heavy things in the bag for example: big bottles, milk, fruit like water melons and all heavy things like that.


Trying to create a beach cleaning bag is not the only plan I have, I am also trying to get re-cycling bins down at the beach because their is one bin and people put all their rubbish in there and then all that mixed up rubbish goes to land fill which is terrible so I want to get three bins down their one for plastic and cans, one for paper and one for general waste. The bins that they already have down their cost loads of money but thats ok because my Mum and I are just going to buy some bins which are really cheap and then just try a little experiment, we will print out the picture of general waste,  plastic and paper and then we will just walk around the beach asking people if they have any rubbish, which bin would they put the rubbish in because for kids that is actually a bit of fun. When I was younger I always found it fun in the airport because it was like a game of feed the monster but give him the right food. These are the bins we would like to get at the beach and they already have them in Bray!!!


When I was on holiday I got an email from the Pack Man awards asking if I would like to be a part of this competition because they think I might have a chance on winning, at first I was not sure because I do not want to enter myself into a competition because I thought it would make me look like I have a big ego, but then loads of people started to tell me how amazing it is that they even emailed and my Mum said  them asking me to enter is like being entered already  all I have to do is return their form! If I don’t win I won’t mind because I have a lot of things to do like the three bins and the beach cleaning/shopping bag and stuff like that.

A lady called Victoria White wrote an article in a newspaper called The Herald about me hoping to get 3 bins at the beach and all over Ireland!


When I was on holiday I hardly saw any rubbish at all I only saw a tiny bit. One thing I did see was three different bins with plastic paper and general waste.


On the day I was doing the beach clean it was international kite day down at Dun Laoghaire which would have been fun if there were not so many balloons because on the sane day as international kite day I was doing a beach clean and we saw a big balloon floating in the sea!!

It was a good beach clean because we had a family of helpers who were strong and there was hardly any rubbish at all but we did manage to pull out a big railing and loads of massive metal pipes that have been in the sea rusting away for years.

This story is called: The WhalesTale hope you like it

Once upon a time their was a little girl called ‘Rubbish’… I know its a unfortunate name! Rubbish lived with her  family in the city until one day Rubbish’s Dad said that he got a promotion and that they are moving to the beach. When they arrived they opened the door to their lovely house, but then everything broke, which was great, just great!

Later that day Rubbish went down to the beach just to find it was covered in plastic, everywhere she looked she saw rubbish. She came back later on,  sat on a rock and started to read a book about rubbish to the rubbish then she jumped into it and made a rubbish angel then she heard a noise coming from the beach at first she thought it was the train coming because that was what she used to hear in town a lot .

The next day she came back down to the beach to find someone was cleaning the beach so she ran after this man and explained how if he cleans the beach she will feel sad because she felt connected to the rubbish but then she saw it… a huge whale was washed up on the beach and covered with plastic then she realised what she heard last night was the whale, so she started to help him clean because she new she had to save this giant whale. She cleaned, cleaned and cleaned until the beach was spotless and she could finally see the whale now it was not covered with plastic  and rubbish then she saw there was loads of fishing net around the whale’s tail. She tried to brake it but it was too strong then she picked up her pen knife she had from Sea Scouts and cut the whale free. The whale swam off into the distance. That is why Rubbish cares about rubbish and Rubbish junior which is what she named the whale!


The End

You should really watch this weeks video if you love rice and you don’t want to poison your body 

I really hope you liked the video because but it is crazy that some rice is made out of plastic WHAT HAS THIS WORLD COME TO??

Lately I have been watching a great program, it’s on Saturday evening  at 8pm and it is called ‘My Family And The Galapogas’ I really hope you watch it!

I hope you liked this weeks blog bbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeee

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