They’re Back!!!

Hi everyone Flossie here! I hope you are all having a great week so far, before we get into this weeks blog I will just give you a small clue of why I named this week’s blog ‘They’re Back!’ well it has something to do with some of our old friends!!!!!!

On Saturday my Mum and Dad went to a ‘Flossie and the Beach Cleaners’ fundraising dinner party which apparently was great! The idea is that a person gives the dinner party and the guests make a donation to the person who organised it, then if you want there is a raffle as well! Jeanne, the lady in the photo below came up with the idea..Thanks Jeanne!


Today my Mum and I went on a happy beach clean………………….. Absolutely it was happy until! WE FOUND OUT THAT THEY ARE BACK!!!!! The white plastic sticks are back, there aren’t as many but they are back and my Mum and I are not sure if they are the same ones as last time and they have washed back in or if they are new and someone has thrown them back in the sea which would be alot worse!


I am really excited because on Saturday I am talking at a really cool children’s  Climate Change rally and it is going to be so much fun and we are doing it outside the government buildings so if you have kids or are a kid, you have to go because it is going to be awesome and it’s an amazing way to spend a Saturday with your family!!!!!!!!!

This weeks story is called ‘The Smoking Crab’

Once upon a time there lived a man called Jorge, Jorge was a lovely man but like all people Jorge had one flower!!!!

Jorge smokes cigarettes and then leaves them on the ground! One day Jorge went to the beach which was far away from his house! Whilst he was looking out to sea he threw his cigarette onto the beach and then just walked away! He decided to stay for a few days and while he was staying there he fell in love with a beautiful girl who liked him back, so he went down to the beach every single day and each day he threw another cigarette on the beach… after a while he started dating this girl and one night when they were walking along the beach Jorge noticed a very weird thing…… a crab made a house out of all the cigarets that Jorge had thrown on the beach!!!!!!!!!!!

And now the crabs side of the story

Once upon a time a little crab named Crab was walking on the beach and complaining about his boring house and then all off a sudden! This weird orange and white stick landed on the ground and it was really hot too! Crab walked around it, stared at it and finally said after a while I know exactly what this is it is a load of RUBBISH!!!!!!!!!! then he walked away!

The next day he found another one which he still thought was stupid and then he fell over it! As he fell over he landed with his mouth right next to the cigarette… he put his mouth on it breathed in and said:

Yeeuuuchh, that’s disgusting!

The next day another one appeared, in fact day after day he found he kept finding new ones.

After a few days he saw them all in one big pile and then realised he could make his new house out of it so he got to work straight away and by morning he had a beautiful knew house !!!

The End

This weeks video made me think of my story for this week it is quiet deppressing!

Hope you liked this weeks blog and I hope I see you on Saturday bbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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