To Howth And Back

Hi everyone Flossie here so sorry I have taken so long to write my blog but I have been sick and also I have now properly started secondary school which is really awesome but it takes up ALOT of time!!!anyway this week I will tell you all about what you have been missing out on!

A couple of weeks ago my Mum and I had to get up at six oclock in the morning because we needed to get to RTE radio station where I was going to do a live interview! The interview went really well and it was loads of fun! I was doing the interview with an amazing man who is a marine biologist and who has got a Seabin put into Howth marina! So after the interview my Mum and I went to Howth to see the Seabin and how it was doing and when we were there we met The Cloak Of Howth who is an amazing man who has made a cloak out of loads of broken toys he has found so n the beach! It is really heavy and really cool and the Cloak Of Howth was so funny!


The following weekend we had the Dalkey Lobster festival which was so much brilliant because Flossie and The Beach Cleaners had a stall! It was loads of fun and we had such a cool stall almost everything on it was found on the beach! and we even had a activity spot where kids where able to make things out of rubbish found on the beach! I looked after that area!


We also had bandanas for dogs


My Mum and I did a quick beach clean and we had two boys who manged to get some rubbish that was was floating in the sea for us so we told them that they were plimming!



When we went on our group beach clean I didn’t feel very well but I got on with it and I had some amazing helpers who did really well and we found alot! It was a odd beach clean because the beach looked really clean but if you really got into it you could see the difference!


Also this week I made a video for the run up to the 20th when the next big strike is happening!!!!! I had loads of people help make his video including my adorable cat! and cousins who burped!!!!

I am pretty sure that thats the first cat to strike!

Here is a really good video to help you pack for your holidays and cut right down on how much plastic you take with you!!!

Hope you liked this weeks blog sorry it is so late and there isn’t a story, but I am about to run off to do another beach clean! Bbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

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