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Hi everyone Flossie here! it has been another lovely week that most people have spent at the beach understandably because in weather like this you have to go to the sea but next time you come down please bring your rubbish and your toys  home with you. If you don’t they all end up in the sea and I am not always able to get them all out. 

In case you have not noticed this weeks title is called ‘Toys On The Side’ and if you do not understand what I am talking ……. or more likely writing about, I am talking about how every day my Mum and I are always find a bunch of toys on the beach that people have just left after a day of fun on the beach which is sad but what is even worse is that we always put them in the bin until my Mum had an amazing idea that we just leave them on the side ……. Yep that is it we just leave them on the side but this is where you guys come in and your kids. Every evening now we leave all not broken toys by the wall so the next day whoever has come to the beach and forgotten their toys they don’t need to worry as their will be toys waiting for them! Either take them home when you have finished or leave them at the wall for other children to play with.

A couple of days ago I was having a nice little swim around the place and then I saw a man and a woman on a kayak, I couldn’t believe it, they were arguing about smoking and then I heard them saying they were thinking about putting their cigarette box in the sea so I just swam over to them I did not say anything I just looked at them because I knew they would not litter in front of a child and I was right they put it in the bin instead which was really, really great. It really shows that just looking at someone can make a difference.

Just this week I realised something crazy …all this time I have been picking up rubbish and putting it in one big bin! Sorry let me rewind! as you all know at home we have more then one bin normally we would have 2 bins or 3 bins maybe even 4 bins but yet when we are on the beach there is only one bin that you are meant to put all your rubbish in so my idea is just like in the airport there are different bins to put different rubbish in so my plan is to speak to the council and get the airport get the bins on the beach to help recycling. I’ll let you know how I get on with the council.

On this weeks beach cleans (we clean every night at 9pm) we found a football that was floating in the water quiet far out so I marched into the water getting ready to get the ball  and then I marched straight back once I realised there was a lions mane jellyfish floating near the ball, so my Mum and went in to the water and got the ball. All the pictures with just me and the bag shows how much we are collecting every night!!!


I was supporting Belgium in the football!


Someone was careful enough to put all their rubbish in a bag but then left it on the beach!


This used to be a chocolate bar wrapper, but it has been floating in the sea so long the writing has come off it!!


A perfect umbrella with the tags still on just left in the middle of the beach…


A massive heavy plastic ringo that has got a puncture just left to float away in the sea that a whale would choke on!


We find so many balloons at the moment…it’s really sad


This ball has been floating in the sea for ages, it was full of water and really bashed


This is Jenny from Resolve PR – she helped me get the word out about the march we did!


This is the kind of plastic that you find in the stomach of whales, seals, turtles, dolphins


A spanish peppa pig sandcastle bucket….I was wondering if it floated over from Spain!!


Just to let you all know I will not be writing my blog for the next two weeks because I am going on holiday. Will let you know how the rubbish was in Sicily when I get back!!! 

This weeks story is called Father Beachness 

Once upon a time there lived a wicked king who hated to share more then anything in the world so to be honest he was a very bad king.

One day he was  out swimming in the sea and then he saw some kids leaving their toys on the beach. He swam away not caring until the next day when he saw loads of the fish were dead!!!!!!! There were no toys just dead fish… He didn’t understand at first but then he saw at the end of that day what looked like the same toys left on the beach again which means the plastic toys killed all the fish! so he decided to get revenge on the kids by leaving loads of their toys on a wall to see how the humans like it.

The next day two children came along and they saw the toys on the wall so they took the toys home wth joy so happy that they got new toys. They came back the next day then the next day just to find more toys that they love so so much. The king kept on doing it not knowing that he was doing a good deed poor old king all he wanted to do is get payback but instead he just made people happy.


This weeks video is about whales and dolphins playing together, it is such a happy video for once!

Hope you liked this weeks blog and see you in 2 weeks… bbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

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