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Hello every one Flossie here and I have so much to talk about so lets not waste time but get on with my blog.

During the weekend I had two beach cleans one on the boats and one on the land. When I did the one on the land it was quite painful, painful because I fell on a rock the day and got a bruise on my back and also it was cold but I had some great kids who helped me, the problem was that they spotted a beer bottle in the water and a large stick thing that was made of metal. I tried  to get the metal out of the water first but when I tried to I fell into the water and was soaked all over my legs and my hands and I had to go home on my bike so I was quiet cold! When I tried to get the beer bottle out I was balancing on two slippy rocks so I slipped and landed on my back, I was in great pain afterwards and still now I am in a bit of pain. At the end of the beach clean we saw loads of bread on the ground and also a rat running with bread in its mouth!! but sadly as soon as we saw it, it ran back into the rocks! This was a new place we cleaned in and it was really full of crazy rubbish, we found: lots and lot of material, broken lobster pots, a leaking phone battery, lots of tooth flossing things [which is so terrible], plastic spoons, plastic forks, loads of broken cans and bits of broken boat. Also we found some security tags that I think may have been something that was stolen form a shop.

Thank you so much to everyone that joined me on this clean, you were great!!

A lot more cleaning to be done on this beach!!



The next day I went on a beach clean with Kyron The Irish Coastguard and his helpers.  I found so may things it was crazy but everyone was in good form and laughing there heads off about some of the things we found! and we had some adults helping in the rocks where  the rats hang. At one point my father was standing on a rock and everyone was screaming fall in as a joke  because he was setting a bad example and he was not wearing gloves…yuck!

When we were on the boats we found even more  rubbish like: 13 lobster pots, a football [That got a good new home with Kyron’s dog], two signs, a thing I would not like to talk about, a frizzby, parts of a bike, a massive piece of plastic to wrap a person in, a huge fishing net and so so much more. The one thing that I have to mention is that I  had some great helpers called James, Oscar, Luca, Matt, Donal and Arty.

A couple of days ago my cousin who lives in England told me that she is going to tell her teacher about me because he is planning on doing a thing called ‘Plastic Fantastic’ where they give up plastic and she was talking to him about to a  virtual beach clean so I hope he says yes because I still havn’t heard back from my school in Thailand. I also might have a school in India I can do a virtual beach clean with…so exciting!!

A couple of days ago when I was at school my amazing mother went on a ‘plogging’ run and found so much rubbish so well done Mummy. Guess what she found?? 5…4…3…2…1 times up! She found: a swimming hat, a big coal bag, milk cartons, bottles, what you put on top of a boat engine and loads more. So maybe try go ‘plogging’ as well because it is fun! I am going ‘plogging’ with Mummy next week…I wonder what we’ll find! 

A couple of days ago I got congratulated by the Police for telling them that I got a bad message sent to my blog. It said:  ‘how old are you’  and the sender had a very weird name that made me think it wasn’t very good, so I showed it to my parents and the next day I went to school but without me knowing my mother went to the police station and told them what happened, the police said that I was really good for knowing when a message might not be safe and they are now looking after the message. So if you get a message you don’t trust, always tell your parents.

This weeks video my mother filmed when she was in town. You might think it is funny but it really is not for obvious reasons!

I hope you liked this weeks video it is quite sad because the seagulls are fighting over bread in plastic so if they eat the bread they will really be eating plastic.

I hope you liked this weeks blog see you all next week bbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeee

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