Virtual Beach Clean!!

Hi everyone Flossie here and I have so much to tell you .

First I must apologise about not writing my blog yesterday I got home quiet late and I was so tired I just went to bed. 

Ok so first I would like to talk about my raffle and my table quiz. On Monday I went around loads of shops in Glasthule and Dun Laoghaire and they all so kindly gave a prize that you all can win now I really can’t wait but I hope you can because it is going to be so fun and cool and wait I still have not picked out an outfit…. back in one second.


Ok our next subject is what happened at the weekend. I was on a boat……..Well I expected a better reaction than that but do not worry I suppose  I can tell you why I was on a boat!!!  So loads of you have been asking me to clean the sea at the  West Pier so I did and it was even worse then I thought and the lovely Dun Laoghaire coast guard took me out with their crazy crew out in speed boats, which was so cool. I think we made a huge difference and we had so much fun because  everyone kept on making funny jokes and there were a couple of swear words that came out of the kids mouths it was just great. There is still some rubbish but I’m only 10  and I am sadly not a miracle worker. We have agreed to do a beach clean with Kyron O’Gorman who is one of the amazing Dun Laoghaire coast guard people in the boats every month. Thank you Kyron!


Ok wait have been saying ok too much because when I speak I never say ok unless I am saying ok you no what I mean right                right ok so where was I nuts I said that word again so here we go look I did I did not say o that was a close one I almost said it so guess what I am righting an article for a magazine called ‘Inshore Ireland’ I can not wait until it is out in the shops all over Ireland this is so exciting, and it’s a magazine all about the sea. A lovely lady called Gillian who swims in the sea with my Mummy asked me to write this article.


Now I saved the best news for last that news is: I finally talked to the school class in Krabi inThailand and it was so cool, we are going to clean the beach in there country well more likely they will clean the beach in their country with out me so sad just kidding I am very happy that they will be cleaning the beach  because it is good to get awareness out there, but what we are going to do is a ‘virtual beach clean’ would you like me to tell you what a virtual beach clean is???? Ok then I will, this means in the same 24hrs the class in Krabi will clean the beach in Krabi and I will clean the beach here and then we will speak on skype the next day and compare our rubbish…isn’t that cool???

Alright last thing I need to talk about is our video that I will show  you, this is in the Maldive and it is a very beautiful holiday place

It is really sad right? 

Don’t forget only 8 days to the pub quiz!!!!!!!

Well sadly it is over now I hope you all liked it see you all next week Flossie out…. drop the mike !!!!

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