We Are Up and Running!!

Hi everyone Flossie here! hope you’re all having a great week so far! Sorry that I have not been able to write my blog but I wasn’t able to access it because a lovely man called Daniel from Coast Monkey was creating a website for us [Thank you so so much Daniel] and now you can all see the website which is AWESOME!!!!!! – it’s the same address as my blog address…anyway let’s just jump into this weeks blog!

On Friday I had an amazing night sorry let me re-phrase that THE BEST NIGHT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On Friday I went to the awards ceremony for ‘Southside People Community Awards’  I was in the young community person of the year category and…………………………. I WON!!!!!! I was up against a lovely 19 year old but I won, I was so so happy! Not only because I won but also because it meant I could finally eat [Before I do a speech or I am nervous about something I don’t eat or drink until it’s all over] I was so happy! [Here I am pretending to be dracula with chips and tomato ketch up]





My Mum did an amazing thing with her friend. Oh I supose you all want to know what it is, well they jumped off the roof of Croke Park! It was so cool and I got to watch the whole thing! actualy I made the video your going to see and in it if you listen carefully you can hear me sing a song by queen If you know which one it is email me at flossiethebeachcleaner@hotmail.com …Hope you can!

First they were on the roof and they took some amazing photos up there then they listened to some safety thing… then it was time!


This week when I was striking outside the Dail I had loads of fun, I met my friend Lucille who is down there a lot as well and she is also a mini activist! so she said some chants and so did I! This week it was so much fun, it wasn’t to crazy but yet it was powerful and inspirational and hopefully inspired someone who was walklng along the to do something for this planet!


You all will never guess what! The second sea bin has finally been put in afterall this time it has finally been put in! Bonnie came down and filmed it on the day and Jill who has her own Marine magazine came down to take pictures! I tried to take a selfe with everyone but it did not work out so well because I managed to actually cut my self out!


When we were there we met Mark the science guy from RTE2 who I met at Explorium who is so awesome…we got a picture with him!


My Mum made her friend Simeon pick up some rubbish on the beach when they went for a walk…Simeon was one of the first people to come on my beach cleans 2 years ago…and he lives in Brussels!


My Mum found a bit of Christmas when she was out plogging last week!!


I had a beach clean with two secondary school students and my Mum and we found well just so many bottles and cans!


On Wensday Eden Hairdressers asked if I wanted a top up for my hair …. I said yes PLEASE!!!!! and they did another incredible job! I love what they have done they are genius1 Thank you all so much for my hair! I recommend it for anyone it is amazing!


This weeks story is called ‘ Ed The Whale’ hope you like it!

Once upon a time deep down in the Pacific Ocean, there lived a young whale named Ed. Ed lived with his Mum and the rest of his pod. Ed lived a great life, he always got to the best fish, never had to worry about not having enough space because every other day a whale would fall asleep and never wake up and his mum would bring him to the surface every couple of minutes to breath! Yep a great life. One day his pod brought him back a disgusting fish, it was so hard and tasteless. And very hard to swallow!

“this is disgusting!” said Ed

“be grateful for what you have” said Ed’s Mum. Ed tried to swallow the hard fish, but he just couldn’t, so when his Mom wasn’t looking, he spat it out.

As the days went by there was less fish to eat and more of that hard-tasteless thing that had PLASTIC written on it. Ed soon noticed that his mum was moving more slowly and was very tired, so he went to try and find some good fish but he only found the one with plastic written on it. Whilst out swimming with his Mum, Ed noticed all the things at the bottom of sea, he didn’t recognise any of these things but he thought they were awesome, then he said to his mum.

“Please can we get one please, please”

“No said Ed’s Mum.

She looked really tired, Ed thought she was going to throw up! That afternoon someone else had to bring Ed to the surface, because his mum just didn’t have the energy. Ed thought she was being a bit of a lazy pants, but then a couple of days later Ed knew something was seriously wrong! so he asked her

“Mum, what’s wrong with you? You’re always tired and I’ll be honest, you don’t look great!!”

All the whales pretend that everything is fine! But poor Ed was finding it harder by the day to pretend that everything was fine. He was swimming through funny coloured water, and swimming next to a bunch of sick whales! Then after a day of looking for food Ed came back, home to find that his Mum had died. Ed was so angry, he realised that they have to stop pretending everything is fine So, he stood up in front of what was left of the pod and said 

“Something is happening and it has something to do with, the PLASTIC!!”

Since it was his future, he wanted to live in clean oceans. So, Ed and everyone who agreed with him decided to swim in the opposite direction and find a new home in cleaner waters.