We Had An Amazing Adventure!!!!

Hi everyone Flossie here, I am so exicted to tell you all about are amazing trip to Indonesia! It was incredible! But lets start from the beginning, By the way I am so glad to be back and I am sorry that I wasn’t able to post a daily vlog but it was due to filming rights in Indonesia, I was able to do them in Gili Air so if you want to se them just go onto Instagram or Facebook!

We woke up on Friday and my Dad drove my Mum and I to the airport I was very excited and a bit nervous at the same time…it was crazy! When we finally got on the plane, It was a 7 hour plane ride to get to Dubai where we stayed for a couple of hours before we got our next flight to Jakarta! When we were waiting in the line to get the plane to Jakarta we met a lovely family who are originally from Indonesia but live in America, but the funny thing was that they knew me from social media which was crazy cool! They were really nice.

When we finally got on the plane (which was an 8 hour flight) my mum and I fell asleep! When we woke up we only had a couple more hours to go before we would arrive in Jakarta, we landed and waited for our bags to arrive which was hard considering how hot and jet lagged we were! They finally arrived so we got a blue bird taxi which was awesome although I got car sick but I didn’t vomit which was the good thing! After arriving at our hotel we fell straight to sleep. The next day after breakfast we went for a walk and went down to one of the local markets where we immediately saw loads of strips of plastic which was so weird because my Mum and I have already seen them before but only on social media so seeing them in real life was crazy!!


When we were going down to see one of the rivers that loads of families live next to we saw three really cute little girls eating sweets but it was only after taking the picture that my Mum and I realised that they were eating the sweets that you buy in little plastic sachets which is terrible especially since we saw loads of kids throwing their bags of rubbish into the river that I am sure used to be lovely! Also really awful that the kids swim in the river with all the rubbish as well as people who fish in the river…we realised that the fish eat the plastic and the people eat the fish…


When we were walking down the street to get to the plastic river we we saw so many piles of plastic on the ground and loads of people who were selling strips of shampoo and coffee and sweets in tiny plastic sachets and it was just really bad!


But one of the the things that I was really sad about was that we saw a cat that was sleeping on top of two plastic bags!



The next day we met the Ambassador of Ireland for Indonesia and she explained to us that there are loads of recycling bins here in Jakarta but the problem is that they were brought in by the previous governor who ran Indonesia but then he left and no-one ever taught the locals what you were supposed to do with the bins therefore they have no purpose unless someone explains about why we need to re-cycle and what to put in which bin as well because as I said before and will say a lot in this week’s blog if we want to make a difference we have to be positive and we also have to educate, because at the moment these bins are useless!



One of my favourite days was probably when we visited an eco village on the Citarum River (plastic river)! It was so amazingly cool! as we arrived we saw some really good re-cycling before we even walked into the village.


After giving us a small tour we met the kids who were all so nice and they all knew a couple of words in english, they were just so lovely! I also learnt that the parants of the kids pay in plastic bottles for the children to go school….AMAZING!!!! Then we went down to see the Citarum River and I finally got help clean the ‘plastic river’!!


The river was really thick with every piece of rubbish you can imagine and also alot of dead fish were floating in the water as well. Another thing that was really bad was whilst there was all that rubbish there, there were also floating dead fish (which means the water must be killing the fish) and we saw at least 4 fishermen fishing, so if they catch any fish alive they will be poisoned fish that they feed to their families!!!!


The next day we went to the shops to buy some trousers as we hadn’t brought enough with us, and today we were going to meet the army who have been cleaning the Citarum River! So we went to the shops and the first thing we saw when we walked in was loads of shoes wrapped in plastic it was terrible my Mum and I couldnt believe it!