We’re back !!!!

Hi everyone Flossie here, and welcome back, hope you had an AMAZING Christmas and a very happy New Year!!!!!!! we have so, so, so, so and so much to talk about so let’s get right into this week’s blog and might I add this is the first blog of the year!!!!!!!

I hope everyone had a great eco friendly Christmas and got loads of cool stuff! My Granny came over and her lovely neighbour gave my Mum and I some amazing eco-friendly present including a christmas decoration made out of some recycled magazines and she gave me a beautiful bag made out of rolled up magazines and she gave my Mum a beautiful purse made of the tops of cans 

Thank you Linda!



Loads of weird things which we put in a pile. We found a hat that my friend brought home to wash, loads of fabric a ball and concrete 


I found a piece of micro plastic shaped like a fish which my friends from sea scouts helped me make it look like their was the sea in the background with their gloves!


A shovel


A float for a lobster pot with a long long piece of rope attached to it!


A dead fish which probably had loads of plastic inside of it!


And loads more and thank you again so much for coming!


Most of you already  know about the amazing 15-year-old Greta Thunberg who is trying to get schools to strike around the world to show politicians that education is important but so is saving are planet but as I said she is 15 so she is still a kid which means she needs some help so I am trying to get schools in Ireland to strike, so if you are in Ireland or any country try to get your school or kids school to strike outside their school for a day for one hour on February the 15th. # LETSHELPGRETA!

For Christmas my Mum and Dad booked me and my friend a one night stay in The Royal Marine Hotel and it was so much fun


And when I was in that hotel I got to be intervied by the people news paper wich was awesome!


A couple of days ago my Mum saw on Face book an awsome new invention and its wait for it wait for it………………………………………………………………………………………….


That is shaped like an awsome fish and you can only put plastic bottles in there so it looks like a giant fish has swollowed loads of bottles which is not good but really cool and it really shows people what is going on in the world and especialy in our oceans. We are hopping to be able to try get someone who can bulid it and for the counci; to say yes to emptying it!


This weeks story is called [ The Fish That didn’t Fit In]

Once there was a little plastic fish named Bobby, Bobby came from Plastic Vill, this was a village that was covered in beautiful plastic! One day when Bobby was eating breakfast his plastic fish father came in and told Bobby that they were moving to ‘Clean Vill’ where it was clean all the time. Bobby did not like that and did not want to leave Plastic Vill because it was his home!

They moved anyway and it was beautiful, but Bobby did not like it he didn’t like being anywhere were he could not see any plastic! Before Bobby knew it he was in a new school, he went up to the other fish and realised that they were not made of plastic like him! He sat down next to them and started to talk to them and then they asked Bobby

-What kind of fish are you?

Bobby explained he was a plastic fish…


This made all the other fish swim away from him this made Bobby really, really sad. Later that day he asked why they weren’t out playing with him, they said it was because they didn’t want to get any plastic in their bodies as it could kill them, Bobby never actually thought about that and felt bad!

It has been 2 motnhs now and Bobby still has no friends and he feels more lonely than ever before.                                   

Then all of a sudden …loads of plastic bottles were floating into Clean Vill and loads of fish were getting sick, Bobby went to investigate and saw that loads of human were throwing their bottles into the sea. Clean Vill needed a hero and Bobby knew just what to do. Since Bobby was the only one who could eat plastic and liked plastic Bobby washed himself up onto the beach and after eating all the plastic bottles that the humans had  already thrown into the sea Bobby became the bin for the beach and was a hero, he was so happy because now he had so many friends but unfortunately he ate so many bottles he ended up looking like this…


But it didn’t matter because he was happy and he was saving his friends!

The End!

This weeks video shows you the best way to get to school, it is so good for the environment and would be so much fun!

I hope you liked this weeks blog bbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyeyeeeeeeeee

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