We’re Leaving Tomorrow!

Hi everyone Flossie here hope you are all having a fantastic week so far anyway let’s get on with this weeks blog!

I am so excited because tomorow is the day the very important day, the day we are going to Indonesia!!!!!!! We have been wanting to go for such a long time now and  finally me and my Mum are going. I cannot wait we are going for two weeks and we have a tv crew coming with us which is going to be awesome, I am afraid I won’t be able to right my blog so instead I am just going to do  daily ‘vlogs’ on Instagram in case someone does not know what a vlog is, it is a short video which is kind of like a diary! I cannot wait! [my intagram name is the same as my blog]

I was so happy because last week I did my first proper school play! It was the play Robin Hood and I got the part of the Sheriff of Nottingham I was ssssssoooooooo happy that I got to play the bad guy, and in one seen I got to dance around the stage to the song ‘I just got paid’ and I got to throw fake money around the stage! This one girl in my class called Ruby who was playing my deputy was incredible before she went on stage she got a nose bleed but managed to go on anyway and do her lines! even with a tissue stuck to her nose.

As a costume I wore a really short cape riding boots a baggy and frilly white top and a fake beard that was hard to talk through!


I am really happy because I had my hair chopped into a bob again and that is excacly how I have always loved my hair…short!

On Saturday I did a talk down at the Dun Laoghaire library and it was so much fun, the kids asked me some great questions including about who my favourite Simpsons character is! It was so much fun, I had to make the talk as long as possible so I pretty much did all my talks and put them in to one speech and I added in my story ‘Ed the Whale’! I had a bit of a problem with the microphone but it was fine once I stood closer to it.


My Mum managed to find a perfectly good camping chair and then usual load of plastic bottles, cans, plastic cups…


This year Anna and I did Hell N Back, it was so much fun we really enjoyed it as ever. Anna and I have done it  for around five years in a row now and every time it gets better and better


On Monday we went on a school trip to Tayto Park it was so much fun! And at one point I went to the gift shop and I saw this amazing deal they have going on there, if you by a keep cup your first drink is free!



                    The next summer block buster the incredible tale of ‘Adam’                                     written from Flossie’s point of view !!!!!!! It will have love, bravery and wanting to go to bed! It will be epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

This weeks story is called ‘ The Blind fish’

Once upon a time under the deep blue sea all the fish lived a happy and a perfect life until night time came! You see the problem was that the fish weren’t able to see in the dark and it was really annoying for them because if they were trying to swim away from a shark or something they would always end up crashing into a rock!!! But the worst part of it all was that they couldn’t do anything about it even if they tried. The fish thought they would have to destroy the moon for the darkness to go but and that was imposssible,

One night when all the fish were just settling down under a rock or in a sea anemone they noticed something really weird all of a sudden it was bright again there was no darkness, the fish didn’t understand what was going on so they decided to investigate it but they were all too scared, so they played rock, seaweed, scissors and the loser had to investigate it. They pushed the losing fish out and he swam up to the surface to see what was this orangy, yellow glowing thing, I’ll be honest all the fish thought he was going to be eaten, even he thought something was going to eat him! But it didn’t eat him he was actually fine, so he swam back and told the other fish it actually was going to help them because now they could see and the glowing thing actually tasted realy nice for the fish so when they were hungry they would eat it! From then on it was perfect until………..

Loads of fishs started to die and all the living fish knew it was because of this new glowing thing! They were all really annoyed and scared because they had all been munching on the light! The fish had an amazing idea! What if they used the plastic bottles in the sea and put all this orangy yellow glowing thing in them because then it would still float but it would still glow and they won’t try to eat it as much! But then it was floating away, so they found  some fishing rig on the bed of the sea and they tied one end of it to the plastic bottles and the other end to there houses!

And from that day forwaard they all forever had light even at night!