Hi everyone Flossie here I have had a great week, I have found a lot of rubbish, I also went to SeaFest in Galway  and I had a radio interview which was fun well lets get started! 

Just before I start I just want to say sorry for not writing my blog last week I was a bit busy. Anyway lets start talking about the amazing SeaFest which was AWESOME!!

When my family and I were on our way to Galway I started to hear very familiar voices in the car, it was the Riptide Movement being interviewed on the radio and it was really nice to hear them. Then when we arrived in Galway my parents and I had a huge shock when we took are first step out of the car because it was so much hotter in Galway than Dublin so we rushed into the hotel to get into the air conditioning as quick as possible. I loved the hotel so much because, well I love hotels! then we walked all the way to the harbour which was so so far away and since it was so hot (33 degrees) it made it a lot worse.

When we finally arrived at SeaFest we ran in to listen to  Orla Doherty who is the senior producer on Blue Planet II speak which was nice, when she finished talking I got to say hi to her and she was really lovely!!!! After that the lady who was looking after everything told my parents what time to get back to SeaFest which did not leave me much time to swim in the swimming pool but my Dad and I still managed to swim in the swimming pool for a whole 5 minutes. I got back to my room and got changed into the outfit I was planning on wearing and then we were back on our way!

When we arrived there were a lot of stands on how we can save our sea and things like that but as I am a child once I had finished looking around I was bored… but then luckily I made a friend with a girl and we hung out before Orla Doherty introduced me to the crowd and I gave my 4 minute talk on plastic in the sea and what I do about it.


After the speech I made people took photos of me with Orla Doherty 


Since we now have this crazy heat wave for summer the beach is covered in rubbish so my parents and I have been picking up rubbish every day at 9pm,  feel free to join us because we always arrive with an empty bag and leave with a full bag and one thing we have found… aaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooottttttttttt of single socks we find so many of socks a day it is crazy we have also found; plastic knives and real knives


the top of a car seat

a pair of pants


Did you see how many chocolate biscuits I found, I really wanted to eat them but they had been floating around in the sea, but why would someone throw something so delicious in the sea???????


This weeks video is a song I played on the guitar hope you like it!

I hope you liked this weeks blog bbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeee

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