Glenageary Killiney National School


5th Class

On the 4th of October, we got a visit from Harriet, mother of Flossie the beach cleaner. Flossie is a twelve-year-old girl who started cleaning beaches when she was nine. This eventually turned into the group, Flossie the Beach Cleaner. It started when Flossie and her family were on holiday in a place that is not very good at recycling their plastic, and Flossie was horrified by all the plastic. Since then, Flossie, her mother and anyone who wanted to come along, have been cleaning beaches.

They have found some extraordinary things, including lots of men's pants, a plastic bottle from the 1980s, a plastic wrapper from the 1970s and a huge chunk of polystyrene. Also, a bucket and spades. A lot of buckets and spades. In fact, so many buckets and spades that they have made some very cool things, like a baby mobile, made from sand moulds and a hammock made from fish netting.

- Florence Chipperfield

Glenageary Killiney National School


5th Class

On the 4th October, we got visited by Flossy's mum Harriet. She talked to us about how Flossie's Beach Clean Up is trying to make Ireland more eco-friendly. She showed us this SUPER big piece of polystyrene and loads of plastic. She also showed us a lot of toys people just dumped! It was shocking! She also told us about this place in Indonesia where they just dump all their rubbish in the river (as well as companies like M&Ms). 

Some people have this craze to try to find the oldest piece of plastic and Hariot showed us an old packet of nylon tights which must be 50 years old! It was really interesting and I learned a lot.

- Maebh McConnell

Ballinteer National School


4th Class

Harriet's workshop was completely accessible to the children in my 4th Class. They were really engaged for the whole time as Harriet pitched it at just the right level for all. They were intrigued with the items found on our coastlines and excited with the possibility that they can help with plastic pollution by just doing a little.

- Aongus McGreal

St. Damian's National School


Entire School

2 Day Workshops

Harriet came into our school to talk to the children, and we were really impressed. The children really enjoyed the talks. The children in my class have been checking our bins regularly since the visit to ensure that children are using our bins correctly. The talks were so informative and so interesting! It is such a wonderful thing that Flossie and her Mum Harriet are doing!!

- Louise Ryan



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