Fun, Positive and Meaningful Climate Action for Kids ​

Through children’s eyes

Looking at the issue of plastic pollution and climate action through children’s eyes, we feel it is very important for children not to feel scared or powerless. They are getting messages that can make them feel like the world is coming to an end and with COVID19 now included it has become even more intense.

With regards to Climate Change, the answer lies with them, and as a charity, we would like to empower them to take control. 

As long as they are active and positive they can make a difference to the planet and have fun at the same time. This charity is designed to empower the next generation to engage in effective, practical activities that make a real difference to our planet, both locally and globally. 

We have in the past done all our workshops in the classroom, but we feel it would be fun, healthier and infection risks would be lower during COVID to take our workshops to the beaches, this means that 15 children at a time can enjoy our workshops and also enjoy a real experience at a beach that is located closest to your school. 

We will also be assisted by TY students as we have found that small children love to learn from big children!

Workshops on the beach

  • Showcasing fun and interesting things we have found on the beach

  • A beach clean 

  • Rockpool foraging

  • Education about the marine life that lives on our doorstep, and how much plastic they swim in

  • Environmental scientific experiment

  • What you can make and recycle out of rubbish you find on the beach 

  • A chat about countries on the other side of the world who are dealing with plastic rivers, for example, Indonesia, India, Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, etc

  • A recycling quiz to reinforce learning

  • A short, stress-free climate change chat with a few simple tips on how to help stop the effects of climate change

  • A prize will be awarded to 2 children on the day for their involvement during the workshop, and stickers for the rest of the children!

Beyond our workshops


We also are able to offer the opportunity to connect with an Eco- school in Indonesia that cleans the ‘Plastic River’ (Citarum) daily as part of their education.

Alongside this, in the near future, we will be purchasing VR headsets with a video of a visit to a plastic river which the children will be able to enjoy

The impact of this education goes well beyond our workshops – it has been our experience that children take the message home and educate their parents about what they have learned about plastic pollution and the damage we are doing to the environment. Beach cleaning is an activity that adults and children can do together, with children in charge – what child doesn’t want to be in charge of their parents?

All in all the workshops will be fun, interesting, and arm the children with a positive outlook.

Keyboard and Mouse

If you would like to book in for a workshop,

please contact Ruchi or Harriet

at info@flossieandthebeachcleaners.com

Children Cleaning Beach

What The Children Need To Bring

Shoes with good grip or wellies, warm clothes, drink and snack (depending on the time chosen by the school). WE WILL SUPPLY GLOVES AND BAGS.



We, like many other registered charities during COVID-19, have taken a hit in regards to funding and are reliant on donors for support. Without them, we would not be able to continue. We are therefore asking for a donation of €5 per child for the workshop – this will be deeply appreciated and help us with our mission to continue to educate children (and adults) and help to keep our beaches, oceans, and seas clean.